SMPIA showcase 2009 awards dinner

December 3, 2009

My first blog is about the Saskatchewan Motion Picture Industry Awards dinner held last night at the Casino Regina. I was priveleged to be nominated in the category of “Best Supporting Actor” for a role I did in Finn on the Fly. Now, unfortunately these awards only happen every couple of years, because of the size of the film business here in Saskatchewan, and I totally forgot what I had done on that movie. I remember hot days on set in Moose Jaw, working with a great director, and breaking the cardinal rule of working with kids and animals, but that is it. The clip they showed of me reminded me of how ridiculous I looked in that film…fanny pack and all. I lost out to my friend Josh Beaudry who won for his role on “Interpersonalities” which he deserved. I’m glad not only for Josh but also because I wouldn’t have remebered who to thank on the production (I tend to forget everything about a show I’ve worked on after I’m done). My comedic performance also looked out of place amongst the dramatic nominations I was up against.

My nomination wasn’t as odd as the “Dramatic Script” and “Dramatic Show” category that contained amongst the dramas computerized commercial spots written for Sasktel. That was bizarre and illicited some queries from the folks at my table (mostly actors). I’m not sure how I would’ve reacted if I were one of the writers who had written a 60 minute drama and found myself up against a 30 second animated commercial.

I was surprised to see the comedy Corner Gas listed as a “drama.” Also, I thought the best written and most visually interesting pieces (based on the clips)  were from Wapos Bay, which I don’t think was even recognized. It was a great time meeting up with folks I haven’t seen for a while. Bumped into Corbin Bernsen (of LA Law fame) whose film Rust is prenmiering tonight in Kipling, SK. I’m sure I was way too familiar, having only worked one day on set with/for him, but he’s a genuine person who is easy to talk with, and besides it’s not every day you get to converse with someone of his notoriety who seems enthused about the projects he is bringing to this part of the film world.  So, if you get the chance, see “Rust,” which will also be on SCN channel in the provincve thsi Saturday, Nov 5th.

Another plug of which I am involved in is Anita Smith’s “Rise n SHine Og” which is premiering in 10 minute episodes on their same-named website. Webisodes…entertainment of the future-present, more on that later.